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Aeon Molasses Catcher

125.00 QAR

✓ DOES NOT NEED A CUT – The AO slip-on molasses catcher can also be used on hookahs that do not have a 18/8 cut at the end of the smoke tube.

✓ CLEAN SHISHA – The AO clip-on molasses catcher keeps your hookah free of tobacco and molasses and saves frequent cleaning.

✓ BEAUTIFUL LOOK – The AO clip-on molasses catcher can be placed between the head adapter and the tobacco bowl and catches both tobacco and molasses directly. Cleaning the molasses catcher is very simple: unscrew the molasses catcher, rinse parts with water and possibly use some shisha cleaner or washing-up liquid.

Total height: approx. 6.5cm

Diameter: about 4.5cm

Material:V2A stainless steel

Compatible with:AEON – Edition 1, AEON – Edition 2 – Lounge, AEON – Edition 2 – Premium, AEON – Edition 3 – Lounge, AEON – Edition 3 – Premium, AEON – Edition 4 – Basic, AEON – Edition 4 – Lounge, AEON – Edition 4 – Lounge Mini Neo, AEON – Edition 4 – Premium, VYRO – Evoke, VYRO – Noir, VYRO – One, VYRO – Penta, VYRO – Spectre, VYRO – VersaColor:Gold


Molasses killer and molasses catcher are the most common names for this accessory. Generally speaking, the molasses catcher prevents the syrup from leaking into the vase. Why is this important? After 2-3 sessions, water in the base will still be clear, and the shaft will not get soaked in syrup from the previous bowls. The catcher is a container with holes placed between the bowl connector and the bowl. The juice leaks out of the bowl and runs down the molasses catcher’s walls, and accumulates inside the container.


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