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Aeon Vyro Carbon Mouthpiece

150.00 QAR


Now with the engraved AEON logo on the mouthpiece!

The AEON carbon shisha mouthpiece once showed new dimensions of luxury and quickly established itself as the first figurehead of the AEON company. Now known far beyond the borders of Germany, the carbon mouthpiece was valued by enthusiasts above all for its extremely light weight and the demand for highly exclusive perfection. The racing-inspired carbon in combination with the end pieces made of V2A stainless steel symbolize a claim away from the masses.

Why  carbon ?

Carbon fibers are synthetic polymer fibers that are heated very strongly until they carbonize (char). The result is a black, very light and strong fiber with a tensile strength that is about four times higher than the best steel alloys at only a quarter of its weight. Another plus point is the high temperature resistance.


Made in Germany

Length:  approx. 32 cm

Smallest diameter : 11mm at the mouthpiece

Inner diameter mouthpiece : 11mm

Material : carbon and V2A stainless steel

Additional information


Black, Forged


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