Alpha Hookah FNX HMD

115.00 QAR

The heat controller is made of stainless steel. Fully one-piece design provides it with greater strength and reliability in operation. Thick walls and a convenient shape of the heat controller allow you to more smoothly control the heating of the bowl. The bottom is made with a small indentation inside to prevent burning. A large number of holes ensures good air circulation and even distribution of heat throughout the mixture. The shape of the accessory allows you to place 3 coals of 25 mm completely on the bottom, which eliminates the possibility of their falling over the edge. When creating the heat controller, we were inspired by the design of a car piston, so its technical characteristics are indicated on one side of the accessory. Characteristics: Weight: 217g Material: stainless steel, one piece construction. Color: silver. The accessory is ideally combined with Alpha Hookah hookahs and fits all popular bowls on the market. Stylish and reliable – this is what characterizes the Alpha FNX.


What is an HMD?

An HMD is an accessory used to manage the heat of your charcoal for your hookah sessions. The HMD is generally designed of aluminum materials to give off heat to your bowl. This is a replacement for your regular tinfoil & helps bake your tobacco evenly within your bowl. This also helps generate consistent smoke & flavour. Using an HMD also allows you to increase or decrease heat to your bowl by adjusting the airflow that interacts with your charcoal.

How to use a Hookah Heat Management Device

Using an HMD is quite simple. After packing your hookah bowl simply place the HMD on your bowl without any tinfoil. After you have fully cooked you charcoal (Preferably Natural Coconut Charcoal) simply place them into the Hookah heat management system. Add the lid to your HMD once your charcoals are inserted. Allow your HMD to warm up for 5 minutes. Your bowl should be ready to smoke once you have allowed enough heat to transfer to your shisha tobacco.

Once you have your session going you can adjust your heat by swivelling the lid on the hookah heat manager allowing air flow to either cool the bowl down or restricting the airflow to keep your bowl warm.


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