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AO Shisha Blaser

150.00 QAR

LIGHTNING FAST SMOKING – Within a few seconds, the AO shisha blower has brought your water pipe to operating temperature.

EASY TO USE – Just flip the button to I and the blower will start.

HEADACHES ADE – Headaches that many shisha smokers get during the annoying smoking are now a thing of the past.

2IN1 INFLATE AND DEFLATE – The electric air pump can both suck in air, as is needed when smoking, or emit air, for example to inflate an air mattress.

3 ATTACHMENTS INCLUDED – The scope of delivery includes 3 attachments of different widths, so you have the option of smoking the shisha via the mouthpiece or the hose.


Annoying and tasteless smoking, which causes headaches and lung problems, is now a thing of the past, because the AO Shisha Blower is happy to take over this unloved task for you. Within approx. 45 seconds, the shisha is ideally smoked and the nice part of the smoking session can now begin. With the three attachments of different widths, the air pump can be held directly in the mouthpiece or in the hose.

Note: Please refer to the operating instructions. Do not use the air pump longer than five minutes with the small adapter and no longer than ten minutes with the large adapter.


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