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Hoob – Subatom Black & Gold

750.00 QAR

Modern compact hookah with deep black and shiny gold color scheme. Extraordinary luxury design. Perfect for everyday use.

  • Mobile & Compact
  • Uncompromised despite its small size
  • Perfect for travel or outdoor use
  • Health safe materials
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One of the most revolutionary and compact hookahs ever made. The modern minimalistic design and compact size of this hookah make it unique and widely used. A hookah for those who want some new hookah experience.

Hoob Magnetic Lock system allows fast and comfortable prepare of hookah. No more grommets needed, just start to connect parts and they will fix well.

You can use any hookah bowl and silicone hookah hose with it.

Hoob subAtom Black Specification

Hookah made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel coated with special gold covering.

  • Hoob Magnetic Lock® connection
  • Magnetic hose connection
  • Deep black soft-touch aluminum covering
  • Acrylic water tank with gold flakes
  • Height: 12cm
  • Downstem: Ø13mm
  • Hose connectors: Ø10mm
  • Triple purge system


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Black Matte, Breeze, Cosmo, Dark Blue, Florida, Lime, Purple, Rose Fluorescent, Space X, Yellow


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