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KONG – Godzilla Bowl

210.00 QAR

  • Kong bowls produced in professional furnaces at a temperature of more than 1200 degrees, which do not absorb the odors of used tobacco.
  • Ceramic Bowl original taste: Compared to traditional silicone, It is more likely to maintain the original flavor of the tobacco without the appearance of gummy and burnt flavors.
  • Easy to use: Either cover it with foil or a heat management device
  • Tobacco flow rate: 15-20 грамм

  • Holes in chilim: 5


“GODZILLA” is a majestic menacing grin, and the scales that are illuminated by blue flames, and an atomic giant that has become a real hit among our customers around the world!

Our masters created this bowl inspiring by the image of an indestructible Daikaiju. At the moment when he spews atomic fire from his mouth, his mega-strength armor glows blue. The design of the bowl fully conveys this effect. While you are smoking the hookah on Godzilla, the smoke is coming out through the hole in its mouth, as if this mutant is about to spew bright flames.

The kit includes cool packaging and a bright branded sticker, which are worthy of a separate review! The king will rise!


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