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Oblako Phunnel Bowl

150.00 QAR

Premium Oblako handcrafted hookah bowl straight from Russia. Expertly crafted and beautiful to look at, as well as providing a smooth smoke. This Oblako Bowl is made with high quality Russian clay and is glaze topped allowing the bowls to maintain their pristine qualities and appearance for a long time. This bowl has a single hole representing a funnel in the base of the bowl.
Each individual bowl is handmade and is unique. Because of this, the shape and colour of the bowl may differ from the illustration.

Premium Oblako handcrafted hookah bowl expertly crafted in Russia.Beautiful to look at, as well as providing a smooth smoke.
The bowl holds around 20 – 22 grams depending on your packing method.Compatible with foil or a heat management device such as the Kaloud

This bowl is definitely one to add to your collection. We all need a variety of bowls to choose from for that perfect session. Go on, add this to your collection.

Width: about 7.5cm
Height: about 12cm
Depth: about 1.3cm
Volume: about 20-22g

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Anthracite, Aquamarine, Black Cosmos, Blue Cosmos, Marble Red


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