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We’ve put together a list of helpful Hookah smoking tips that you can incorporate into your routine, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned expert. It’s never too late to think about some of the important smoking tips that will boost your next session.


Have you ever visited a shisha lounge and found that the flavour you ordered really wasn’t given? That is most likely due to the possibility that the Shisha sat with the bowl, extra juice, and used water in the pipe for a while before it was cleaned for the following order. This can be easily avoided. Shishas must be cleansed after each usage to prevent the flavours from lingering or adhering to your hookah.

Taking apart your pip gently and cleaning each piece with warm water and a cleaning agent for the base like Rauch Kultur is the finest way to clean your shisha. To ensure that all excess flavour is eliminated from the base and down the stem, clean the beads alternatively using warm soapy water and a brush cleaner. To take extra precautions, you can add baking soda or white vinegar to get rid of odours and difficult-to-remove stains.


With summer here in Qatar, it’s nice to have a session outside as the sun sets. However, once your shisha session is over and you’ve cleaned your hookah, it’s time to put it away. The ideal place to store a hookah is someplace that protects it from the elements and sudden temperature changes. You don’t want to be the person who leaves their hookah out in the cold Qatar night and then washes it in hot water only to discover that the base has broken; yep, many of us know this story all too well. Room temperature is optimum for storing your hookah and keeping it safe.


Making a bowl involves creating a flavour experience rather than merely purchasing a packet of flavour, herbal, or tobacco. Consider the flavours of cigarettes you like to smoke: fruity, sweet, savoury, or conventional.


Now that you have the perfect flavour combination ready to go, keep in mind not to fill your bowl above the rim. No of the size of your bowl, only fill it to the rim to ensure that there is room between the foil and the heat management system that will hold the coals (heat) and prevent the foil from being pushed too close to the flavour and sticking to it, which would burn the shisha flavour.


Your coals need to be completely lit before adding them to the bowl to start your session. To avoid having to wait and play the waiting game with the coals, it’s an excellent idea to start lighting or heating your coals before you prepare the hookah and bowl.

The best technique to light coals is on an electric burner because they often have a coil that heats up and you can just add coals to the coil for them to receive the heat they require to light.

To prevent any unpleasant odours within your home, we do advise lighting your coals outside.

Turn the coals over or around after about five minutes on the burner to make sure the heat has been distributed evenly. Your coals will be completely covered in a thin layer of ash and will be burning a crimson or orange colour when they are ready.

When the coals are ready, transfer them to your bowl using either togs or a coal tray. Use caution because the coals are hot.

If you are sick or feeling unwell, think of others and refrain from smoking from a shared hookah pipe.

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